EC GERMANY 2006 - 30.04. 2006

Eurocup 2006 - Sankt Wendel Behind the scenes
Lars: "Helmut, we are late! Are we going to organize a scooter event in Sankt Wendel this year?"

Helmut: "I don't know! I'm not that motivated right now. I'm still a bit tired from last year."

Lars: "I understand! In a way it's the same with me!" [We both were not that satisfied with our last year's event. - We had to improvise in too many but small things what makes running an event much harder.] It's up on you because you are the one in Sankt Wendel who has most work with organizing. Of course, if we do, then I offer you my help. In a way, It would be a great pity if there is no international scooter event in Germany."

Helmut: "Ok! Give me one more week and I will find out what is possible to do ..."

[10 days later.] Helmut:
"That's it! - On April, 29th and 30th, we will have the fourth Eurocup edition in the Wendelinuspark of Sankt Wendel! You can start to promote that event from now on. Spread it all over Europe! - May, 1st, is a holiday in almost all european coutries, so that date seems to be perfect for us. [A detail we forgot: It was the date of the german DFB-Football-Cup final round. And of course the "Königinnentag" in NL ...!] The Eurocup will be part of a 3-days fun-and-endurance-sports-event what takes place the first time in Sankt Wendel. For that weekend me and the RSC Sankt Wendel e. V. (bicycle club of Sankt Wendel) are organizing competitions with Bobby-Cars, KMX-Karts and one-wheel-bikes in the Wendelinuspark. A new built climbing-park will also officially be opened on that weekend. VIP's, TV and other media will be there ..."

Lars: "That sounds really good ...

" Helmut: "It doesn't just sounds good, it's great! That's what I had in mind for a long time now, an event with a lot of side sport activities! It's also much easier to get all the necessary support in that way. I allready found partners, sponsors and other supporters for that event. It's amazing! And for me it's fun to show the people what is possible to organize and to do even with that small sports!"

Lars: "Let me know what I can prepare ...! I will think about the races, let's make them so easy to handle for us as we can. No more difficulties than necessary ...! But I'm sure you know what is to do ...!"

Helmut: "Right! - I will mail you my provisional time table of all events on that weekend in the Wendelinuspark.

[Then, a lot of work, mostly by Helmut in Sankt Wendel, was done ...]

The competitions
All in all there were 29 participants from 5 nations taking part in the competitions on April 2006, 29th and 30th, in the Wendelinuspark of Sankt Wendel. Most participants were sent from the Czech Republic, with that some of the fastest ones in the world. Also the Dutchs sent a large group of scooterists to Sankt Wendel. Just the german scooterists were lazy, injured, busy, not motivated, ... or whatever this year! [We have to work on that!!!]

On the first day
the "legendary" marathon (sponsored by the GEK, Gmünder Ersatzkasse) was held on the course of the Wendelinuspark, but with a small but important changing to the last year's events: The direction was changed! In that direction the hard course became even harder but also less dangerous. The tough uphills were longer, the downhills shorter, more tricky and less fast. Nothing for unprepared scooterists! The ladies category was won by Martina Smitkova (CZE) before the fresh married Marketa Pestova (CZE) and Hermien Koers (NL). In the men's field it was Karel Cvalin (CZE) who won the race before Jan Vlasek (CZE) and Milan Garzarek (CZE).

The second day began with a qualifying for the final heats of a sprint competition. In the qualifying a distance of around 600 m was to go, in the final heats the distance changed to 1200 m. The sprints were thrilling on a course around the "Carpe Diem", the headquarter of the scooterists during the event in Sankt Wendel. Hermien Koers (NED) dominated the ladies field before Marketa Pestova (CZE) and Martina Smitkova (CZE). Jan Vlasek (CZE) was the winner of the men before Karel Cvalin (CZE) and Pet Pesta (CZE). The sprints were overshadowed by an accident of Marco Grevel (NED) who felt down in a narrow curve of the course. After medical examination and supply in hospital we were happy to see him back at the prize ceremony later in in the day. [Marco, how are you???]

The team relay race was done on same track as the sprints over a distance of 3 x 600 m.
The team "Pesta KK Plzen Ladies" (CZE) was the winner of the women's category before the "Dutch Ladies" (NL). "Ultima Prague" (CZE) was the winner of the men's fiels before "Pesta KK Plzen" (CZE) and the "Crazy Boys" (ITA/NED).

The winners of the kid's race are: Florian Küppenbender (GER), Maren Günther (GER), Tomas Gazarek (CZE), Carina Funke (GER), Jannik Küppenbender (GER) and Dylan Günther (GER).

Besides the competitions
All scooterists were accommodated in a ballet room of the eventhouse "Carpe Diem" what is also part of the Wendelinuspark. Some of the participants their skills in ballet. The "Carpe Diem" was the headquarter during the event, dinner and breakfast were also served there. The event in Sankt Wendel is an event of the short ways! You never have to go by car. A big benefit for all participants!!! On Saturday evening we had a small party in the "Carpe Diem" with some live music what surprised some of the guest ...

All the helpers, partners & supporters did a great job! - Thanks to all of you!

Lars Kessler.


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