EC ITALY 2004 - 12.08. 2004

great organised eurocup weekend in Italy

This was my second visit to the eurocup weekend in Italy. This year the organisation of the races seems to be improved in comparance with 2003. I think this was one of the best organised eurocups in our competition till now. The Italian weekend contained all the essentials; a great location, good facilities, sportive competitors and it had the essential enthousiastic organising team. I did also have the impression that the number of public in Cervinia was larger then last year and even in Ivrea some people and press gathered to see te race. The start / finish line was moved 500 meters to a better spot on the large parking area. This made it easier for organisers and public to spot what was happening.

It was really motivating to see that the partipant field had increased. In 2003 14 participants took part in the 9 km race in Cervinia. Now in 2004 this increased to 29 people at start line! Also the number of nationalities increased, however no Finns were presents this time. (Cervinia 9 km - 2004: 17 Italians, 7 Czech, 3 Dutch, 1 German, 1 Swiss).

The relay race had 2 teams less then in 2003 when 17 teams competed and in now 2004 15 teams. If we look at the 16 km-starting list (Ivrea) we see that participant field has increased with 200%! In 2003 only 18 people took the challenge to kick the individual Ivrea eurocup and this year 36 participants. A great development for the international and Italian scooter scene.
(Ivrea's race 16km - 2004: 22 Italians, 7 Czech, 4 Dutch, 1 German, 1 Canadian, 1 Swiss).

My special congratulations to the Italian girl Antonella Marquis. Who competed as a 1-person team in the 1,5 hours relay in Cervinia and managed to kick 38 rounds alone. Antonella became second before the other Italian team which had 2 girls. I hope this achievement will be an example and stimulate or trigger more Italian girls to get in to our sport. Why? ..because it's simply great to kick...:)

In the relay the Italian team Avis Canavese finished 46 seconds a head of the Czech national team. Both teams made 51 rounds. Third became Alieni team. A great achievement as they kicked with only two people in 47 rounds.

The women relay was won by the Czech women team with 42 rounds. Second
was the 1-women team of Antonella Marquis with 38 rounds and third became the Ivrea Ragazze team with 30 rounds.

In the individual race of Cervinia (9 km) the public went crazy when the local favourite Igor Ricci managed to beat the army of fast Czechs. Igor finished 13 seconds ahead of
Milan Gazarek and third was Petr Pesta who finished 26 seconds behind the winner. I witnessed this 9 km race from the side line and I can tell you it was really a exhiting to see. The public really enjoyed the competition.
In the women's 9 km race Sprint World Champion Lucie Gazarkova from the Czech team won, second - with a10 seconds difference - was Hermien Koers (Dutch team Selles Kamperzeedijk) and 29 seconds behind the winner Marketa Stejrova from the Czech team came over finish line.

On Sunday in the 16 km race the Czech Republic ruled.
Petr Pesta won the race and reached finish line 41 seconds earlier then Igor Ricci and Milan Gazarek who became second and third. In women's race again it was Lucie Gazarkova who won in a time of 0:42:03. With this time she managed to finish 13th in total and that means that 18 men finished behind her!
Marketa Stejrova, also from Czech, finished 22 seconds later then Lucie and Anezka Zykova completed the Czech party by finishing third (about 2 minutes behind the winner in the women field).

Suprising this weekend was the Swiss guy Dani Niederberger who managed to finish 6th on Saturday in Cervinia and 5th on Sunday in the 16 km race. Surely someone to notice in future events.

After the 16 km race the organisers prepared a extended and great diner for all helpers and participants.
Special thanks to Federico and his fellow organisers. And the many volunteers of AVIS who made it happen.

In honour of Ville
Before the start of the 16 km race in Ivrea organisers, public and participants had 1 minute of silence in honour of our fellow competitor and IKSA colleague Ville Vickholm who died in winter of 2003. Ville took part in the Italian eurocup 2003 as he did in all other eurocups that same year.

regards, Thijza

on behalve of IKSA


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