EC St. Wendel - 17.06. 2003

Ville wins first race in St Wendel eurocup | results see eurocup results An exhiting eurocup weekend at the sportparcours Wendelinuspark in South of Germany. Great track, start finish/zone with free drinks and barbecue and competition! The Sportparcours of the Wendelinuspark in Sankt Wendel has great asphalt. It is a round of 5,2 km length and 4 m breadth with a difference in altitude of + 80 m per lap. It is lightened during the night. A great eurocup in Germany. Ville Vickholm (FIN) was the suprising winner in the men's class on Saturday 14th of June. Together with Tomas Porthin he took the lead after several rounds. Then a battle between the two started for finish line. Great to witness how competition level increases each year in eurocup.

More new names and more winners in the result lists. Unfortunately the American Richard van Camp, who compeeted in the leading group, had material problems in the last rounds. In women's class Andre Hammer (GER) dominated the field and kicked the 41.7 km on Saturday in 1.47.41. So ladies be were in the next eurocup!!! Hannu still the king on short distance...

On day 2 a short race of 9,2 km was organized. Hannu Vierikko the 'old men', as he sometimes calls himself, was in great shape and sprinted together with Richard van Camp away from the rest. Some tried to follow but the downhill speed from the first two daredevils was too fast for the rest. Hannu - the sprinting king - won the race in 17.33,2. The public who was present at finish/start zone enjoyed and supported every body who came over finish line. Andrea Hammer won the women's race and finished in 23.09,2 If all fast European women are come to next eurocups or to the EC then we are gone witness the first real international battle in a women scooter race in the history of our sport. So ladies (Annika (FIN), Andrea (GER), Hermien (NED), Marketa (CZE) and the rest) you are invited!


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