EUROCUP Estonia Info Online - 12.06. 2018

Hello kickbikers,

We want to let you know, that 3rd race of footbike Eurocup 2018 will take place on 10th and 11th of August in Põlva town in Southern-Estonia. The intensive two days of racing offer joy of sports on the streets of Põlva. On Sunday 12th we will have traditional off-road race Salamaa Cross 2018 that is also very popular family event.

Põlva is a small town (6 500 habitants), located in Southern-Estonia, 231 kilometres from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Low density of Põlva county population, beautiful landscape and surrounding untouched nature gives unlimited possibilities for outside activities - the perfect place for hosting outdoor sport events.

You are very welcome to arrive earlier and stay longer, in order to enjoy sightseeing of Põlva town and Põlva County but the most interesting days will be August 10th till 12th. :-)

Eurocup 2018 3rd race (Aug 10th - 11th)
In the evening of Thursday, August 9th, all participants of the Eurocup are invited to join get-together pasta party.
On Friday 10th, we start the day with training ride in order to get familiar with the track. To celebrate Estonia 100th anniversary, we will do 100 meters no-competition race in the middle of the center square of Põlva.
The Eurocup competition will start with Criterium race (about 15-18km) and followed by Relay (20min + 1 round) competitions taking place on the streets of Põlva.
On the second day of competition the 42km marathon race will take in place on Põlva town streets.
4th Salamaa Off-road Race 2018 (Aug 12th)
This race is not part of the Eurocup competition but this is great and relaxing race in the middle of beautiful nature of Taevaskoja. Sunday 12th, we will spend whole day in Salamaa, Taevaskoja that is 10 km outside of Põlva town. The day will start with the race for the kids and will continue with the off-road cross race (men/women about 30km). We will offer also shorter tracks for younger competition groups as well as for hobbyists who just want to enjoy the beauty of Taevaskoja nature. The race is mainly off-road, the track flows through the forest and on small village roads. So, make sure that you have your off-road footbike with you or let us know if you would like to rent one.

Registration will open in the beginning of June. You can find all the details related to competition from our website

Please forward this message to all interested footbikers in your country.
For any questions you may have, feel free to contact us and we do our best to make your visit a pleasant and enjoyable as we can.
Looking forward to see you in Põlva.
Aigar Nuuma
Phone: +372 511 6046


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