ICE STORM 2020 - 13.11. 2019

It is not that far ago, when the flying Fins were crushing tough kicksled races in their backyards. Kicksleds World Champs and Victor Balck´s 100km race as highlight of the season. Alpo Kuusisto, Hannu Vierikko, Ville Vickholm, Thomas Porthin, Erwin Borremans, Ric van Camp, Markku Levanen and others were fighting on the freezing lakes of Finland.

In recent years, the kicksled sport has slowly faded away. Just the World Champs in Multia holds the flag.

For those who do not know, IKSA means International Kicksled and Scooter Association and should take care of both, scootering and kicksleding. You know, with not too many people racing globally, IKSA is may be not doing as well as it could. Luckily there are new guys coming to the sport which may light darkness.

Our fellow marathon European Champ 2019 Lev Kucherov plans to compete in the crazy race on Baikal lake. Siberia. Mid-winter. On kicksled.

When he noticed us about his plan, the idea was born. May this be a time and place where the kicksled sport could be re-born?

And so the Czechs are forming the national team for this three stage 205km battle on the hardest ice one could imagine. And the legendary flying Fins are thinking about their comeback to the racing field far east in Siberia. The organizers of the ICE STORM 2020 promise to put kicksleding as official category for the 2020 race edition. Doors are open, anyone may enter, it is already running…

This is a race that possibly would never come back again. You may enter or miss the greatest kicksled battle of all times. It is up to you.

All information you find on

And if you want to join, let us know first – Jan Vlášek,

See you in Irkutsk in February…


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