Report from Thusis by Ville - 09.05. 2002

Ville Vickholm wins Scooterrace Thusis Switzerland, April 27th

Ville won the Thusis race in a time of 0.56:49.10. Fastes lady was Andrea Hammer from Germany in 1.12:13.70 We hope to see her again in coming Eurocup races

Great race in Thusis! Hello! It was very interesting to take part in Thusis-Chur 25km scooter race. I am happy that I have been there. My trip was quite tough but it was absolutely worth to do! It was well organized race with 350 runners and 17 lady-kickers and 29 men-kickers, so the race fulfill IKSA Euro-cup criterias ( ten participants from the home country). 2 participants came from Finland, 4 from Germany and 40 from Swizerland. Scooter-start was 5min before running-start. The start was from Thusis center and there was a lot off spectators. Race organisation had a leading car and the course was well-marked. Nice views and tough terrain as you could read in Hannu´s rapport. Some part off the route was really cross-country-route. We had a good discussion in the evening with Paul Brugge. Enthusiastic Kickbiker Peter Smit from SUI (born in Holland) was great interpreter/ translator and he had good ideas of how to develop Thusis race. I don´t speak German.


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