Ultima K.Lap Team - surprise in the Czech Rollo league - 26.04. 2004

The First round of the Czech highest competiton -the Rollo league- took place on 24-25 April 2004. in Ceske Budejovice. Pretty hard weather conditions in both days (7C, rainy) were something good for Ultima riders who started to rewrite the league history. Saturday the 28km race began with the PSP Pilsen attack on the 3rd kilometer when 5 men group went to the lead.

Shortly after Michal and Petr Pesta were no table no accept the the tempo and after the first round (8km) Ladislav Provod and Karel Cvalín escaped to Jan Vlasek (Ultima). Finally Ladislav was the strongest when took the victory ahead of Karel (0.2s), Jan was third and Petr Pesta won the 5men group battle for the 4th place. Women 16km race was won by 17 years old Anezka Zykova (Ultima) after a hard attack in the last uphill. Marketa Stejrova came second to the finish ahead of Harmanova (R plus Penco Prague).

Sunday 11km time trial brought the sam results in the man category as on Saturday. Ladislav made his 21st victory in the league ina row. Karel was second (+30s) and Jan 3rd (+1min).

Outstanding success and suprise came from the side of Ultima in the women pole again. Anezka Zykova was able to catch Marketa in 1minutes interval and won the time-trial in 1:06 advance. Lenka Kupilikova was second a Marketa Stejrova 3rd (both PSP Pilsen). It was a great weekend for Ultima riders who took 3 victories in 4 categories on Saturday (Liska won the 12" category and Gazarek veterans) and broke the 16 league man races hegemony of PSP Pilsen (last time Thomas Porthin and Ville Vickolm were able to reach the winners table in Sumava 2002).

Anezka Zykova is the coming kick-star and, we hope, the favourite of the coming WC scootering. Now it is three week rest of kicking in the Czech Republic. Two weeks before the WC 2004 the national sprint championships takes place in Prague-there the Czech Scooter Team will be formed.


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